Why do you love your TreadDesk treadmill?

" I love this. I sometimes walk over 10 miles a day. So incredible and addictive!! I could work from home but I look forward to going into the office so much now because of the TreadDesk. Thanks so much".
Eve E - New York.

"I have had my TreadDesk for a number of years now and I STILL LOVE IT! Thank you so much. Jerry you helped me over the phone when I first started out with it, and it is still a huge benefit to my health and well-being."
Anne C. - Tallahassee, FL

"I absolutely love my TreadDesks! Yes, that's plural. I have three - one in each of my home offices. I even shipped one to my vacation home in Grand Cayman, because I write even on vacation. I used to waste a lot of creative time getting up from my desk and walking around, making tea, stretching, cleaning a closet, washing the cat... whatever it took to reason through the plot problem I was having (and to give me a break from sitting at my desk!). Now that I can walk and write at the same time I find that I'm much more productive and healthier".
PC Cast - Tulsa OK. #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the House of Night series.

"I've now been using the tread a week. I can't say enough good things about it! The tread itself is quiet, responsive, compact, and sturdy. Working while standing up and walking has been an easy adjustment, and my base speed has increased steadily - in just one week. I'm a college professor, and have spent the last twenty years spending too much time at a sitting desk. I set up my computer at the tread so that when I'm working on it I'm standing or walking, and wish I'd had this arrangement from the very beginning. I can't imagine ever going back!"
Alison S. - Bloomington, IL

"I lost 55 pounds for my wedding day with the TreadDesk!"
Douglas R. - Savoy, IL

"Love the TreadDesk!! I have purchased 2 for myself, one at home and one at the office. I purchased one for an assistant a few years ago and also started a trend at my new company as many other Loan officers have purchased them and absolutely love them! Helps me stay focused and energized as well as helps me with my lower back issues. When I purchased my first one years ago, I remember going back to the chiropractor and he said to me, "What have you been doing?" I told him, it was my new TreadDesk. He couldn't believe the improvement in my lower back. I was no longer sitting all day. I now couldn't function without it!! Thanks again!"
- Kristi P. Plymouth, MN

"I just wanted to let you know that the Tread arrived as scheduled and our doctors are already using and loving it. Thank you!"
Cheyenne A. - New Berns, NC

"I just want to say how much I enjoy my TreadDesk. I use it for 3-4 hours a day, 5 days a week. I was without it for 2 weeks during our move and I was so cranky. And you helped me fix a problem I had with the desk since the begining - which makes being on it even sweeter. I have shared pictures of my desk with friends and family around the world. I will always say how well the TreadDesk performs for me. Thank you, your product makes my day better."
Jennifer C. - Oakley, CA

"My quality of office life is already improving!"
Molly M. - Nashville, TN

"I just got my TreadDesk yesterday and love it. You guys have a great product, I'm really happy with it."
Jared H. - Holland, MI

"I have had a TreadDesk for almost a year now and love it. After an inital adjustment to the different style of working, I don't suffer from any fatigue or loss of efficiency from walking all day. I generally walk about 5 hours a day, but have done as many as 10 hours. I feel best when I walk around 10 miles a day."
Nate C. - Fall Church, VA

"I LOVE the TreadDesk. I'm a pediatrician and even today, on a busy day with a full clinic schedule, I walked 5+ miles while charting between patients. I am proselytizing your product to all my friends and colleagues."
Steven S. - Oakland State, CA

"I've had my tread for 4 years and I still love it!"  Kip G. - Cathedral City, CA

"The TreadDesk has changed my life forever. There are many more health benefits than I initially anticipated - such as reduced pain, increased energy and improved well-being overall. Before the TreadDesk, I was developing carpal tunnel syndrome in one hand, my neck and lower back ached after a long day of work and I came home exhausted. All of my aches and pains are now gone, I am more energized and I sleep better at night.
I truly think that this could be the answer to many of today's most pressing health problems - obesity and all of it's evil offspring - dyslipidemia, diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and perhaps even many mental illnesses that plague my patients - depression, anxiety disorders, insomnia, and seasonal affective disorders.
I will sing the TreadDesk praises to the end of the earth. It has been life changing."
Dr. Molly D. - Portland, OR

" Thanks for creating the TreadDesk... I have spent far too many years sitting day in and out at my desk typing, which is not good for the body obviously. All writers wrestle with this problem (and the resulting deep vein thrombosis later in life!). I have probably gotten more exercise in the last few weeks since getting the TreadDesk than I've gottenin the last few years combined, and I can really feel the difference energy-wise".
Rebecca S. - author - Chicago, IL

"Absolutely fabulous addition to my office!"
Joan Z. - New York, NY

"My life has transformed since converting from a standing desk to a standing desk AND TreadDesk for my 12 hour workday. My caffeine intake has plummeted, productivity has skyrocketed, and I feel better from head to toe. My standing desk would cause my legs to get tight and knees to get sore. With the TreadDesk, I'm feeling loose and comfortable all day! Thank you!"
Jackye L. - Anchotage, AK

"I am really enjoying my TreadDesk!  I am a software developer with my own little company that I run out of my basement.  Initially I was concerned that I would lose productivity while walking on my TreadDesk.  On the contrary, if anything my productivity has increased.  I can still crank out 85 words per minute typing and have found that I'm more alert when I'm walking and working.  I walk between five and ten miles per day and have lost over ten pounds since I've gotten my TreadDesk.  I have the 72" surface and I absolutely love all of the space.  It easily fits my three 23" monitors and has extra room for my laptop and other devices I use for development.  And if my plantar fasciitis flares up, I pull up a chair and lower the desktop for a little sit-down time.  Thanks for building a great. life-improving product!!"
Arthur J. - Mendota Heights, MN

"The TreadDesk arrived last Monday, is all set up and working perfectly. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am by the solid construction, great design, smooth hydraulics, and how little noise the treadmill makes. I couldn't be happier with it. Considering all the money I've spent on gym memberships that have gone unused, I think over the long haul the TreadDesk will prove to be very good investment."
Rich Q. - Los Angeles, CA

"I am 100% satisfied with my TreadDesk treadmill. I have had it for about a year now. I use my TreadDesk daily."
Annette B. - Seattle, WA

"Tread is working great, I've logged 8 miles in 3 days; legs are noticing it!"
Vance B. - Grand Rapids, MI

"Received our Tread yesterday. Wife was jumping with excitement. I tested the product beforehand, and found it to function very smoothly. Easy to setup, operate, and maintain control of while in use. I have had an all around excellent experience in every way with your company and will be sure to speak well of it."
Jeremy F. - Daly City, CA

"Feel like I'm adding a few minutes on to my life expectancy every day!"
Jeff M. - Gulf Breeze, FL

"I love this product. I am using my TreadDesk 3 to 4 times a week for about 3 hours each time and my typical speed is 1.7 - 1.9 mph. I hate sitting and tend to get back pain when I sit too long - using the TreadDesk eliminates this. I also noticed that it clears my head and helps me think while working".
Sally B. - St. Paul, MN

"I want to take a moment to personally thank you for developing the Treaddesk. I'm actually e-mailing you while walking on it now, and it works great. As a software engineer and an independent business owner, I spend far too much time at my desk, and being able to walk while I work is literally a dream come true for me and one of the best ways to keep in good health".
Mark M. - Columbia, MD

"I am up to 2 hours a day on my TreadDesk. It has had a huge impact on my health."
Gary M. - New York, NY

"Thanks to your product, I'm down 40lbs, off bp meds, and slashed 100 points off of my cholesterol." 
Todd L. - Greenville, SC

"I couldn't be happier. I think better on my feet, and am walking while I'm typing! Looking forward to the long term benefits of using your tread."
Joyce M. - Davis, CA

" I abolutely love this thing!! I'm walking between 4 and 8 miles per day. I almost look forward to going to work because I feel so good physically by the end of the day".
Rebekah S. - Westminster, CO

"I have to admit that using the TreadDesk is rather addictive. I actually miss it on the weekends and I simply cannot imagine having to go without for a few weeks. It's just such a beneficial piece of equipment."
Laura C. - Fort Pierce, FL

"I walk between 60-80 miles per week while working, at an average pace of 2.2 miles per hour. I found the motion and exercise very easy to get use to. I am at least 40% more productive while working at my TreadDesk, and and it's amazing for stress management. I am very short, and have never been able to find office chairs or furniture that fit me. I was developing back pain and sciatica from sitting incorrectly. With the TreadDesk, all those aches and pains are completely gone. I am drinking less coffee, and feel more creative and energized at work. I have urged everyone I know to look into investing in a TreadDesk, which is an investment in yourself, your health, and the quality of your work."
Joan R. - Portland, OR

"Got the TreadDesk and it is working great in our home office. Very nice work. My company has some deal with your competitor Steelcase but their prices are high, the tread not as nice, and the TreadDesk has more options."
Drew O. - Bellevue, WA

"The TreadDesk has transformed my life. I walk miles every day now. It has worked wonders on my mind and body."
John B. - Cambridge, MA

"I really love this treadmill. It has made such a profound difference in my health and in my work environment."
Laura C. - Fort Pierce, FL

"I use your TreadDesk everyday while reading 60-100 cases a day in our active radiology practice near Niagara Falls and enjoy it thoroughly (no problem with dictating up to 2.2mph)."
Arooj S. - Buffalo, NY

"Walking on it right now, and I love it! So much quieter and smoother than the other one I was using. Thanks for a great product!"
Sarah H. - Sumas, WA

"I'm quite impressed with how little the motor warms up after several hours at 1.5 mph with a 250 lbs. load (me). [*Definitely* much better in that regard than the cheaper alternatives I've tried.] I also like very much that it doesn't stop when the elapsed time rolls over from 99:59 to 0:00, nor does stopping/restarting result in losing the elapsed time or milage."
Rob W. - San Mateo, CA

"I ADORE my TreadDesk and am getting good use from it. I routinely achieve 5 miles distance daily; Saturday, I walked 15 miles."
Lori L. - Richardson, TX

"I am up to 2 hours a day on my Treaddesk. It has had a huge impact on my health."
Gary M. - Basking Ridge, NJ

" The TreadDesks arrived on the Friday that you promised. Lynn and I carried each one up two flights of stairs and had both of them put together in less than 90 minutes. Not bad for two people 68 and 69 respectively and we love the entire set up. We're clocking between 3-5 miles per day at about 1.1 mph. Once we hit 5 miles, we sort of feel done with the walking and just continue to stand at our desk. We basically never lower it to sit. However being able to make precise adjustments to the desk height is invaluable when standing and walking".
Allan P. - Boulder, CO

"I love the Tread! Thank you so much for coming up with this great idea. Some of my co-workers and friends are now considering changing their lives for the better! We can all become healthier together!"
Dawn B. - Lexington, KY

"I am enjoying my new TreadDesk and am so thrilled to be able to walk while I work. It's only been a couple of days but I am already noticing the benefits of being less sedentary: greatly reduced lower back pain and neck and shoulder pain; increased energy levels and concentration. Thanks for making such a life-changing product."
Kristin F. - Redmond, WA

"Just wanted to let you know that I've been using my TreadDesk quite a bit since getting it and couldn't be happier with it."
Matt C. - Las Vegas, NV

"The major benefit that I see with the TreadDesk is that I can keep moving while I work. I think it's better for my back and just for my overall health. The more motion the better. I also find the motion both comforting and productive in the sense that it helps me think".
Connie M. - Seattle, WA

"Hi! I just got my TreadDesk set up and used it for the first time today. I love it!"
Lynn B. - Reno, NV

"I've just crossed  the 100 mile mark on my TreadDesk and I'm loving it. As a suffer of MS, it is truly wonderful. I usually use it at 1.0-1.5 mph. My husband has noticed that I have been having more days when I can walk in a way that doesn't advertise my MS. It could be that my MS is better controlled, and I'm sure that the daily practice and increased activity doesn't hurt either. Thanks for creating such a helpful product".
Betsy P - Lafayette, IN

"I LOVE my TreadDesk - it has completely changed me. Not weight-wise (I don't need to lose weight) but I feel sooooo much better after a day at the computer than when I would be sitting! Yesterday I was on it 4 hours (and I don't even have a desk job - this was just personal emails and writing a couple blogs) and my back doesn't hurt and my legs are not stiff like after I sit for a long time. My mood is better at night, as I am a very active person and sitting all day (in the last 10 years I started spending all day sitting-in the car driving or at my computer...) really irritated me. I tell my husband buying the TreadDesk is the best gift I ever gave myself. I work out strenuously every day, but now that information has come out that 1-2 hours in the gym does not offset hours of sitting, I am even happier with my decision to get this desk. People think I am nuts, but I know that I am doing myself such a favor by not sitting so much."
Alexandra P. - Pacific Palisades, CA

"We have had our TreadDesk for over a year now. When we purchased it, we wondered if it would be another piece of exercise equipment that never really got used. That has not been the case as my husband has walked over 1,000 miles in 2010. His average speed is 2.8 mph while dictating responses to papers he reads as a professor online. Now the more work he has to do, the more exercise he gets. Its a great product".
Karen J. - Lakewood, WA

"I just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks so much for a great product. I am thoroughly enjoying my TreadDesk - it is exactly what I expected it to be, and is working flawlessly."
Bill N.- Plano, TX

"I love my TreadDesk and have absolutely no regrets. I use my TreadDesk every day at the office. I typically work at 1.0-1.2 mph and average 4.25 miles per day and 21 miles each week. I lost over 5 lbs the first month that I was walking at work. I'm stronger overall with more toned legs and a less painful lower back. A health reporter and photographer from our local paper came by yesterday and will be doing a story soon".
Anne R. - Northampton, MA

"I am using my TreadDesk whenever I am in the office which is around 3 days per week. I have found 3 mph to be a comfortable speed for me and I average around 14 miles each day - I was up to 20-24 miles per day but had to cut back. I know that I am much more productive when using the TreadDesk than I am otherwise and I liked it enough to buy a second one for my daughter".
Richard S. - Niles, MI
"The TreadDesk is indeed an idea who's time has come. I love it".
Tracy W. - Seattle, WA

"I was in a car accident years ago and have had serious back pain ever since. Working at a desk all day was torture until I came across the TreadDesk. I now have no back pain while at work and I feel great at the end of the day. The TreadDesk is outstanding."
Andy R. - Washington D.C.

"TreadDesk is the best investment I've ever made!!!! My friends are considering to buy it after using my machine! I think every desk worker should have one. Thank you for the Revolutionary product!"
Sunny - Reston, VA

"I love my TreadDesk!! One of the best purchases I have ever made. Thank You!!"
Nanette P. - Fallbrook, CA

"I purchased my TreadDesk 14 months ago and have since lost 43 lbs. Working for a defense contractor keeps me tied to my desk all day and I love being able to stand up and walk. This has greatly reduced lower back pain from an accident years ago. The quiet motor does not bother my co-workers either, which was a big concern when I first purchased it. Thanks for making the TreadDesk".
Elaine G. - Long Beach, CA

"TreadDesk arrived yesterday in perfect, A-1 condition. Not hard to put together at all. Works great!! Love it! Easy to use keyboard, mouse, phone, even drink coffee, while 'walking at work'. I use it all the time, either in the raised position to walk or I lower it to a sitting position and use my exercise ball to sit on. I usually keep the tread at about 1.5 mph which I find is perfect for working, typing, phoning, and doing the mouse with ease. I've told everyone about this. I'm thoroughly happy with it, and love the motorized up and down. Thanks again."
Gordy R. - Racine, WI

"I have walked 1,230 miles since I purchased my TreadDesk 11 months ago and average around 8 miles at 2.8 mph on those days that I use it. The longest distance I walked in any one day was 20.06 miles. The top two benefits for me have been increased muscle tone in my legs followed by less need to adhere to a diet. I cannot imagine sitting in a chair all day at my desk ever again. Thanks for making such a useful product."
Kyle B. - College Station, TX

"My TreadDesk arrived yesterday. The assembly was very easy thanks to the detailed instructions. I am writing you while using the TreadDesk and am very happy that I made the purchase. Thank you for going into business."
Peggy R. - Minneapolis, MN

"I work 4 days a week and use my TreadDesk everyday I'm in the office and probably average 4-6 miles each day. The main reason I wanted to get a TreadDesk was because of back pain that I was experiencing from prolonged sitting. The TreadDesk has had an amazing effect on my back. Not only do I not have chronic pain anymore, but my back has gotten stronger and now I can take leisurely walks without my back hurting. The other benefit that I've noticed is that it helps me stay alert during the day (especially around 2 pm when I seemed to get really sleepy before)."
Chad K. - Asheville, NC

"Thanks for a great product. I have walked 430 miles and lost 28 lbs. I love my TreadDesk and I love being in motion during the day. I will never go back to sitting all day, if I don't have to."
Tom W. - St.Joseph, MO

"I really like your product. I usually will walk for 2 hour stints on the TreadDesk and I definitely feel more energized. I truly think this product should be in every office. I Love it".
Justin H. - Champaign, IL

"Just got my Tread and in 25 minutes I was up and running (well, walking....) This is a great product and a great addition to my standing work station. Thanks!"
Sarah D. - Lexington, KY

"Thank you soo much for making the TreadDesk. I feel less stress during the day as I walk at least 4 miles each day at work. I really love it and think this will change how I work forever."
Cathy N. Philadelphia, PA

"My TreadDesk arrived today and I am walking at 1.5mph as I type this. I am thrilled beyond words to finally be up and walking. I have been telling everyone I meet about my TreadDesk and I really think it's an idea whose time has come. Keep up the great work - you've got a new fan."
Chris E - SK, Canada

"The TreadDesk was extremely easy to put together. I've never been very capable when it comes to assembling anything, but the TreadDesk was no trouble at all. As for the TreadDesk itself, it has changed my life. I have more energy, am more creative and have a better outlook on life. The distance adds up almost magically when I'm using it at a low speed while working on the computer. In contrast, the high speed offers a quick energizing workout. I've found myself increasing my daily distance goals each week. It's just GREAT and has been a very worthwhile investment."
Gregg H - Butler, AL

"I really love your product. I did get a few laughs at first, but I will be laughing last. I have been walking 7-10 miles each day. Thanks."
Pam M - Broussard, LA

"My TreadDesk is wonderful. After only one month, I can walk 3mph while typing."
Debra R - Rancho Santa Fe, CA

"I love my new TreadDesk and I have already logged 25 miles so far this week. Amazing to me how energized I now feel at the end of the day. I could not be more pleased."
Vickie M - Austin, TX

"We absolutely love our TreadDesk! We share one unit between four employees and have had to implement a sign-up system for time on the machine - the competition can be stiff. We walk on it while drafting presentations, processing emails, and even holding client calls. It is so nice to get some exercise during the day without having to make a trek to the gym. Thanks."
Lyman C. - Evanston IL

"I love my TreadDesk. My co-workers will be placing orders soon."
Kirk L. - Black River Falls, WI

"We are enjoying our TreadDesks very much. Personally, I have been walking 5-6 miles every day while at work - Thanks."
Erik L. - Salt Lake City, UT

"This is GREAT! I am using it every day."
Connie C. - Franklin, TN 

"I use mine almost every day. The noise level if just fine, the width and length of the Tread are perfect. I am very pleased with it."
Mark G. - Portage, MI

"I just wanted to drop you a note that I received the TreadDesk and everything is working GREAT!. I am very pleased with the quality of your product."
Jordan B -  NC.

"I've put 50 miles on my TreadDesk since I set it up, just about 5 weeks ago. I'm very happy with it and find that for me, it is much better than taking time out to exercise because I just am not able to do that. There is no way in the world I would have walked 50 miles in the past month if I wasn't working at a TreadDesk."
Gary S - San Jose, CA

"The 3-5 miles I walk while entering computer information on patient care adds to my work satisfaction and sense of well-being in a tangible way."
Dr. Judy R - Clackamas, OR

"My muscles are definitely toning which people have commented on. I'm also getting more definition in my legs. I do feel more alert and have more energy throughout the day. It has also improved my mood and I don't feel guilty about not hitting the gym. I feel a lot more healthy."
Kip G. - Cathedral City, CA

"I am using my TreadDesk daily and usually walk between 1/4 to 2 miles at a whack. I have found that a speed of 1.0- 1.5 mph works best for me. I feel more alert throughout the day and it keeps my bowels working pretty good too. I really like it and I'm losing weight by using it."
Harry E. - Tucson, AZ

"I got my TreadDesk on Friday and started walking. I've logged over 17 miles already. I love it!!! I don't even know I'm exercising while I'm working."
Karen H. - Milford, DE

"I LOVE my TreadDesk!! I work from home and use to get up and go sit at my desk, maybe walk when I went to the store to get groceries and then go sit on the couch in the evening. Needless to say I have put on 30 lbs working from home. It's so nice to WALK WHILE I WORK!!! Thank you ...I LOVE MY TREADDESK!!."
Vanessa R. - Hickory, NC

"I just got home and set it up - IT'S AMAZING!. Thanks for an awesome product."
Michael C. - Ottawa, Canada

"I use my TreadDesk every day for up to 3 hours doing email tasks and document reviews. I have experienced some much needed toning of my legs, thighs and backside, and I have also noticed that I am sleeping much better too. I think the TreadDesk is a great product - Thanks!"
Sarah D. - Dallas, TX

"I LOVE my TreadDesk. I've lost between 15-20 lbs by just walking while working. Thanks - All the best."
Philly R. - Mt. Veron, IN