Package 1

Package 1


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Package 1 includes one DT-3628 (our smallest adjustable height desk) 40" wide x 28" deep and one Tread.

The TreadDesk adjustable height desks provide the largest range of motion of any desk on the market today with a low point measuring 28" and a high point of 50". This range will suit any user up to a height of 6'6". The Treaddesks are also capable of lifting more weight than any other desk on the market with a maximum load of 360 lbs.

When the shipment arrives, it will consist of 3 boxes - the desktop (45 lbs), desk legs (60 lbs) and the Tread LS (132 lbs) which will all be strapped onto a pallet. The easiest way to move the boxes inside is to cut the straps that hold the boxes onto the pallet and then 2 people can easily carry them inside.

Price: $2240.00 includes freight charges within the continental U.S.
*If you are located in Alaska or Hawaii, please either email or call our offices for freight charges. We are not currently shipping TreadDesk products outside of the USA.





"I absolutely love this thing!! I'm walking between 4 and 8 miles per day. I almost look forward to going to work because I feel so good physically by the end of the day".

Rebekah S. - Westminster, CO