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DT-48K               48" Kidney Shape          $1,380.00

An Adjustable Height Desk will make it extremely easy and pleasant for you to move from a sitting to a standing position and back again whenever you want. We offer our Desks in a variety of colors and sizes, but what makes them unique is that you can adjust the Desk height in seconds by simply pushing a button.

Push the up button and a small motor mounted inside each desk leg will move the Desk from a comfortable height for sitting of 26" all of the way up to 52" which is the widest range of any adjustable height desk on the market today.

The Adjustable Height Desk:
 - has a maximum load of 360 pounds which is the most of any adjustable height desk on the market today
 - is driven by an 18 volt electric motor that 
   turns a worm shaft
 - plugs into any standard outlet
 - has a soft start and stop

The Desks are very quite when moving and have no vibration at all; a full cup of coffee on your Desk will not spill when you raise or lower the Desk.

All of our Desks are custom built and are constructed with a very durable laminate finish that is easy to keep clean. Since each Desk is custom built, it will take two weeks to construct and package. When your Desk arrives, it will consist of two boxes - one has the legs in it and the other contains the desktop - if you have also ordered a Tread there will be three boxes. To move these boxes inside you will simply need to cut the straps that hold them onto the pallet and hand carry each box inside. Assembly is very simple. All you need is a phillips screw driver and it should take approximately 15-20 minutes.

We offer our Desks in a variety of colors - please see the "Color Options" page for these offerings.  

If one of our standard sizes does not work for you, we will custom build a Desk to fit your specific needs.