Are you looking for a stool to go with your TreadDesk? The TreadStool is the perfect option! When you need to take a break from walking while working, simply place this comfortable 360 degree adjustable height swivel stool on top of the Tread. It is gentle on the tread belt and won't cause any damage. The seat adjusts from a comfortable 24 inces up to 30 inches and can be stopped anywhere in between.

Seat Material: Suede
Frame: Metal
Adjustable Seat Height: 24" - 30"
Oval Seat Dimension: 16" x 19"
Product Weight: 27 lbs
Price: $285.00



" I really like your product. I usually will walk for 2 hour stints on the TreadDesk and I definitely feel more energized. I truly think this product should be in every office. I Love it".

Justin H. - Champaign, IL