Stand Up for Better Health? Maybe Not

Posted by: LIZ NEPORENT, ABC News    |    Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bill Seaver stands at his UpDesk most workday mornings, tapping away at his keyboard and manning the phones. The 37-year-old marketing consultant from Nashville, Tenn., bought the adjustable height desk for his home office about a year ago so he could move between sitting and standing whenever he felt like it.

"I bought it to help ease my back pain," he said. "I haven't messed up my back since I started using it."

Seaver said he loves his standing desk, which he believes has also helped him feel more fit. And if the thousands of glowing reviews on Amazon and UpDesk's website are any indication, many other Americans feel the same way.

Standing desks and their slow-moving cousins, treadmill desks, allow people to take a stand against prolonged sitting, which is so bad for your health, said experts. Some scientists have compared it to smoking. With so much movement engineered out of modern life, the idea is that rising up from your office chair and prying yourself from the couch for a few extra hours a day should lead to better health and lower the risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer.

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