NPR on Treadmill Desks

"Can You Move It And Work It On A Treadmill Desk?"

Posted by: PATTI NEIGHMOND, NPR Health News    |    Monday, November 19, 2012

As we've reported, there's a backlash brewing to sedentary office life as more people realize how sitting all day can do a body wrong.

I work at home and often sit in front of my computer doing research and writing. So I thought I'd give a treadmill desk a try...

This NPR story on workplace productivity features Salo, a financial consulting firm that purchased 12 treadmill desks for its employees.

"Remarkable," [Craig Dexheimer] says. "We didn't even go to a gym. We just went to work!"

And productivity didn't suffer. In fact, Dexheimer says, during the six months of the study, Salo's revenues were the highest ever. The environment, he says, was simply "more dynamic."

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