Incentives to Alter Bad Health Habits

Incentives to Alter Bad Health Habits

Posted by:    |    Saturday, December 3, 2011 7:00 am

Wu, executive director of the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network, not only works to promote better health in under served communities, but she has slipped a few things into her Oakland workplace to keep herself and fellow workers a little more fit. "We put in a tread desk," Wu said. "It's essentially for conference calls and you walk on the tread desk as you do your work." And, she added with a little smile, "There's always a line of people wanting to get on it."


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" I really like your product. I usually will walk for 2 hour stints on the TreadDesk and I definitely feel more energized. I truly think this product should be in every office. I Love it".

Justin H. - Champaign, IL