Walking while he works at Winstead

Posted by: Brenda Sapino Jeffreys, Texas Lawyer Blog    |    Wednesday, July 16, 2008 7:00 am

Winsted lawyer Ross Robinson (left) has used a stand—up desk for years, so he’s accustomed to spending his workdays on his feet. Now he’s taking that many steps further by slowly walking on a treadmill all day long while working at his desk. His goal: to lose 40 to 50 pounds. Robinson says he heard about a study Dr. James Levine conducted at the Mayo Clinic on how people burn calories through daily activities, and Levine’s suggestion that people use treadmill work stations. In 2005, Levine and his researchers reported in the journal Science that NEAT -— non-exercise activity thermogensis — is an important factor in determining who is thin and who is obese.

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