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TreadDesk Inc.
9852 North by Northeast Blvd.
Fishers, IN 46038
Office: (317) 849-3003
Toll Free: (877) 444-9288
Fax: (317) 849-3030

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"I've been using the TreadDesk for quite some time now and I can't say enough good things about it! The tread itself is quiet, responsive, compact, and sturdy. Working while standing up and walking has been an easy adjustment, and my base speed has increased steadily. I'm a college professor, and have spent the last twenty years sitting at my desk. I set up my computer at my TreadDesk so that when I'm working on it I'm standing or walking. I really wish I had this arrangement from the very beginning. I can't imagine ever going back!"

Alison S. - Bloomington, IL