TreadDesk Inc was founded in 2006 and is a family owned and operated business which was the first company in the world to sell treadmill desks. By combining a unique treadmill designed specifically for walking which was the first of its kind along with an adjustable height desk, the TreadDesk was born. Unlike a traditional treadmill that is designed and engineered for running and walking at faster speeds, the TreadDesk was designed and engineered to be used for walking at slow speeds for extended periods of time.

The recommended speed for walking while working at a TreadDesk is around 2.0 mph and we have limited the speed to a maximum of 4.0 mph. In order to type and talk on the phone, keeping the speed at a slower pace is very important. Walking while working at a TreadDesk is not intended to be a "workout" but simply a way to build some much needed movement into an office workers day. Once the speed gets to 3.0 mph or faster, typing, handwriting and other daily office tasks become more difficult so depending on what it is that the user is doing, it is not recommended to walk at a speed in excess of 2.5 mph while working at a TreadDesk.

Our design team is constantly working on new and exciting products that can enhance the TreadDesk and extend the list of options for building some movement into your day so please check back with us from time to time to see what's new.

Mission Statement

To Provide Office Workers the Opportunity to Walk While They Work.

"I've been using the TreadDesk for quite some time now and I can't say enough good things about it! The tread itself is quiet, responsive, compact, and sturdy. Working while standing up and walking has been an easy adjustment, and my base speed has increased steadily. I'm a college professor, and have spent the last twenty years sitting at my desk. I set up my computer at my TreadDesk so that when I'm working on it I'm standing or walking. I really wish I had this arrangement from the very beginning. I can't imagine ever going back!"

Alison S. - Bloomington, IL