In 2006 Jerry Carr, the founder of TreadDesk Inc., went through a job change. After being very active with outside sales for over 20 years, Carr suddenly found himself "tied to a desk". Within two months, he started to pick up weight and felt sluggish. He knew that he had to change the way he was spending his time at work if he was going to survive this new position.

At first, Carr purchased a treadmill that he placed in the corner of his office, but he couldn't get any work done at his desk while walking on the treadmill. Over the next year, he built several prototypes of a treadmill desk, making improvements along the way. 

Once Carr finally had a working model of his treadmill desk in his office, he lost 18 pounds within the next 3 months. By walking an average of 4 miles each day at his treadmill desk, Carr was burning more calories than he was taking in, which is the simple formula for weight loss.   

Carr knew that if this treadmill desk worked for him, it could work for anyone else who had a desk job. There is no easier way to lose weight than by walking, and to be able to walk while you continue to work at a TreadDesk is a plus for both employees and employers.

Please Note: There is a new treadmill desk review site that has made several false allegations about the TreadDesk but please note that this website is owned by a treadmill desk competitor.They have given the TreadDesk a 1 star rating while giving their own product a 5 star rating despite it's many flaws. This is illegal and our attorneys as well as attorneys for other competitors are taking legal action against them. We hope to get this site shut down very soon. Needless to say this review site will never give the TreadDesk or any other competitor a fair and unbiased product review.  We have discovered first hand that the old saying " you should not believe everything that you read" is true .

Mission Statement

To Provide Office Workers the Opportunity to Walk While They Work.

"My quality of office life is improving every day when I use my TreadDesk! Thank you for making such a beneficial product."

Molly M. - Nashville, TN