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Tired of sitting at your desk all day? With a TreadDesk you no longer have to! Stand up and walk while you continue working at your desk. As the founders of the treadmill desk industry, TreadDesk has been offering high end adjustable height desks and treadmills since 2006.

How it Works

Watch this 60 second video and see how easy it is to walk while you work with a TreadDesk!

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Photo Gallery
Check out these photos from our customers showing how they "walk at work" using their treadmill desk from TreadDesk! 

"I absolutely love my TreadDesks! Yes, that's plural. I have three - one in each of my home offices. I even shipped one to my vacation home in Grand Cayman, because I write even on vacation. I used to waste a lot of creative time getting up from my desk and walking around, making tea, stretching, cleaning a closet, washing the cat... whatever it took to reason through the plot problem I was having (and to give me a break from sitting at my desk!). Now that I can walk and write at the same time I find that I'm much more productive and healthier."

- PC Cast - Tulsa OK. #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the House of Night series.
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Our high-quality built-to-last products give you the freedom to workout at your desk while working in your office or home.

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